Yes Sir, I am Ready For You

Hang your head down slut, now push your arse outward so that I can listen to you beg while I am spanking your sweet little ass, Sir said. Continuing to tell me, “That’s a good girl, yes, just like that.  Here is what you have been waiting for.” Then Sir lays several blows to my ass as I am hollering out in agony while the whole time, he’s telling me what a girl I am.

Sir stops spanking me long enough to torment my cunt with different sex toys that are lying all over the bed. The toy my Sir likes using on me the most is large and vibrates and even though it is not intended to use for inserting the body cavities, he inserts those items anyway, but I have to admit that they feel great when he does. Sir has just had his fun making me have multiple orgasms thrusting a vibrating toy in and out of my cunt, a toy that was not intended to be inserted into any body cavities, he has begun spanking me again.

“Tell me you are ready for me slut,” he says, “Tell me, before I get the brush!” “You want the brush do you slut?” No Sir, please…  I am ready for you Sir. As I looked around the room, I noticed something different than usual. There were many strange sex toys in the room, and I seen a sex machine in the corner.

What put a scare into me was the voices I could hear coming from the other room, it is usually very quiet because no one is ever here. Sir asked me “What is it slut? You act as though something is worrying you.” Yes Sir, I hear a lot of men’s voices in the other room and wondered why they are here?

Sir says, “They are here to use these sex toys on you and to fuck you as you like, my slut.”