Wearing My Little Pink Butt Plug While Shopping

I woke up this morning feeling sinful, adventurous and horny. What a combination! I had a list of things I really needed to get done today, but I couldn’t stop thinking about last night’s activities. It was an amazing connection as I was dominated, which is a rare occasion these days. I could still feel his belt across my ass, and I knew if I didn’t figure something out, I wouldn’t get anything done today.

Pink Butt Plug
Pink Butt Plug

Being a genius, I decided to combine today’s sinful feelings with my to-do list, which just happen to include shopping. I used the new butt plug my partner gave me, one of those Lovense Hush toys. You can control it through your phone, so no one knows what’s going on. It was great. Let me tell you about my day!

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First, I took a few minutes to prep because let’s face it, I was about to tease myself all day with this thing, or at least the next few hours. I wanted to be loose. After I got off once, okay may twice, I got dressed for the day and started doing a few things around the house that wouldn’t take long, such as dusting. Then, it was off to the outside world!

Driving to the store was a new experience with a toy shoved up my ass the whole time. I could feel every bump, and it was the first time I didn’t mind when I accidently hit a small pot hole. I didn’t have it on while driving because I didn’t want to be too distracted with my adventure. However, I did take a minute in the parking lot after pulling into the store to choose a setting that would be quiet, but feel nice.

I must have let out a moan, because a couple walking by both looked and the guy got hit in the shoulder. Poor guy, sounds like his wife needed a Lovense Hush in her too! Finally, I got out and started walking in, thinking to myself “I hope no one notices”.

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I didn’t have to pick up a lot, just a few things so I wasn’t too worried about being in the store all day. I did try to avoid isles with a bunch of people though when possible. However, the teasing did not work out as well as I had hoped, it was driving me over the edge. I managed to get what was on my list, bread, milk, the usual. I did self-checkout because I sure didn’t think I could have a conversation at the moment. I just wanted to get in the car, roll up the windows and rub myself.

Once in the car, I turned the vibrations to a more intense setting, then looked around while rubbing myself through my shorts. I don’t know if it was the toy or the fact I was being naughty in the middle of town, but I got off harder than I expected and knew I would have to go home and change before going anywhere else!