Wax Play, My New Fetish

The other day I accidently found a new fetish, as you can tell by the title it’s wax play. It started out as just a simple romantic evening, candle lit dinner, a few aroma therapy candles lit around the room, nothing exotic or out of the normal. But, things went a little harder than expected and we made use of many, surfaces of the room. What we didn’t do was pay attention to the candles and our activities ended up shaking one of the candles over on the shelf above us, which caused the wax to drip down and right on me.

Wax Play
Wax Play

It didn’t just land anywhere though, it landed on my breasts. At first, I screamed and jumped up, after all the candle could have started a fire. But, once things calmed back down, I realized, while it was a bit painful it wasn’t an unbearable pain. It was more of a pleasurable pain, like being spanked but with heat.

I didn’t say anything, as I wasn’t fully sure yet. But later after we was done, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I decided to test it out the next night on myself and found, it got be really turned on! I slowly dripped some wax down my chest, on my thighs, etc. Every time I found I enjoyed it. Right then I realized I had found a new fetish and wanted to take it further.

The next time I hook up with my partner I’m letting him in on it and I’m going to see if it’s something he would enjoy doing to me. Who knows, maybe he’ll want me to try it on him as well. Now I’m going to light a candle and have some more fun!