Ten Female Masturbation Methods You Might Not Know About (Written By A Woman)

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I am a female director of erotica, who has interviewed hundreds of women (I lost count after 500) in depth about their actual sexual habits, preferences, and fantasies. I have filmed thousands of videos on how women make themselves orgasm when no one is watching (largely for adult sites Yanks and YanksVR). They can get pretty creative.

Here are 10 methods of female masturbation you may not have heard of:

1. Rubbing on tight pants seam, squeezing legs together

This is a rather discreet way some women get off, totally in public. Places such as a long line, standing relatively still, with just tiny movements of their legs and hips with clitoral pressure against the seam of their pants.

2. Forearm/fist grinding

Generally this seems to involve sitting upright and pressing their body weight into their forearm, or laying down on their stomach, grinding into their fist. Fairly still outwardly, but quite a workout with lots of muscle tension.

3. Water pressure

This goes beyond the trusty ‘ol showerhead (which is very popular in itself). Bathtub faucets and jacuzzi jets are also favorite ways to get off for some women. Whether it be discreetly in a hotub surrounded by people or in the privacy of their own bathroom, water pressure is a very prevalent way that women relieve their own built up “pressure”.

4. Power of the mind

Some women actually get off by the power of their own minds. They can actually orgasm by focusing on feelings of arousal and breathing deeply- and not actually touching themselves at all.

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