Tailz Fluffy Bunny Tail Butt Plug Review

Hey guys, so I ordered a new toy over the weekend and it just arrived this morning. I have to say, it’s got me oohing over it already. That’s right, it’s as new butt plug, but not just any plain plug, it’s a bunny tail plug! This is my first bunny tail, and let me tell you about it!

Tailz Fluffy Bunny Tail Butt Plug Review
Tailz Fluffy Bunny Tail Butt Plug Review

First, I loved that the shipping was discreet as always. After all, no one should know what I’m ordering. The real fun began the moment I closed the door and opened my package. The one I ordered was Tailz Fluffy Bunny Tail, a pink fluffy ball on a metal plug. I wanted it more for the cute factor than anything else, and it did not let me down from first sight. It was like a giant puff ball and I couldn’t wait to try it out and see how cute it looked in use!

A little overview on the product itself, it was marketed as a comfortable and petite tail, made with beginners in mind. Therefore, if you already have experience in this area and you’re used to larger size plugs, it probably won’t be the same as someone like myself who hasn’t really abused my rear end (yet). Although, it did say it was good for anal enthusiasts too.

Have you ever heard Strap-on Sex

For those wondering, it is great with both water-based and silicone-based lubes, but I still prefer water-based as it seems to last longer for me. Speaking of which, it did not take me long to go grab some, strip down and give this bad boy a fun little test run. As you might can tell from my photos, I really fell in love with how cute it is!

The plug itself is 1.25-inch in width and 2.5-inch insertable, and an overall length of 5-inches. Due to it being made from metals, it has a little weight, but not too much. It’s not stainless steel, instead its zinc alloy and faux fur for the bunny tail part itself.

Now I’m waiting to show it off during sex and see how it feels to be spanked with this bad boy in. I imagine it will cause it to shift slightly and have a soft massage feeling. Of course, just thinking of dancing with it in is getting me excited. I bet that would be a nice turn on, shaking my rear while wearing the cute little pink bunny tail.

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Final Thoughts

I can see why so many people are loving the bunny tail butt plugs. They are small, cute, and discreet. At the same time, they can feel great, look amazing, and be a major turn on. I love that it’s made from a metal so I don’t have to stress over having the right type of lube on hand, I can simply grab and go. It’s also a great toy for taking on road trips, because you never know when the mood may hit to have anal play while getting off or better yet, have a casual encounter!