They say that variety is the spice of life. So, when it comes to masturbation, what’s on your plate – same old same old, or something brand new? There are many different techniques you can use to mix things up for the better. Here are seven awesome suggestions.

On the Other Hand …

Ditch your dominant hand and try the other one. Really. It works.

It’s only natural that reaching down for a wank means leading with your dominant hand. Write your name on a document? Dominant hand. Pick up a fork at a meal? Dominant hand. Some folks can barely use the other one!

There is some science that determines how your lead hand is established, but there are many ways that people who are not naturally ambidextrous can learn to use their other hand … but I bet masturbation doesn’t land in the literature!

In fact, giving the other hand a shake can be a very different, pleasurable experience. The stroke will be different, the pressure will be different, even the angle will be different. Plus, the whole process will take a little longer, which can actually be a good thing in terms of the final result. Until you get used to and master this manipulation, using your non-dominant hand for jerking off is probably the closest sensation to having someone else do it.

Lube or No Lube?

Folks usually fall into one of two camps: lube or no lube. Not only can the other be explored, but a third option just might add a new dimension of pleasure.

When it comes to lube and masturbation, guys seem to be either all-in or not-at-all. Sure, there are some who can mix things up, but because our self-love habits tend to be formed at a pretty young age, most guys either found the hand cream, or they didn’t.