Pink Lust Wand Review

This is a rechargeable toy, and comes with a standard USB plug-in, that means it can be charge on both, a computer or a phone and that makes it handy for the most of us. I know for me, as I am almost always on my computer or my phone and I like to take care of myself a…Lot! So being able to use the USB plug-in means I do not have to worry about it running down at all while in the middle of my cunt thrill. However, it did keep its charge a lot longer than most of my other toys, and surprisingly, it was enough time for me to finish taking care of my pussy’s desires.

Pink Lust Wand
Pink Lust Wand

It came in a lovely color of pink, with a quilted pattern in the area of the silicone. The part that is silicone is soft, but also firm making it flexible at the neck, so it lets the head move in a circular motion, which makes applying pressure to any part of the body easier.


The size of the wand is 7.75 inches in length, with a diameter of 1.63 inches.


I was very pleased to learn it is made of silicone, which makes it a non-porous toy.


Do not submerged in water as it is not waterproof. It is suggested to clean using a medical wipes that are body safe.


I enjoy things on my clitoris that stimulate it and the Pink Lust Wand was just what it had needed. So naturally as soon as I received it I shoed it up against my vulva and clit, pushed a button and relished the feeling as it went through all of its different speeds and the vibration varieties. While this was happening the speeds and vibrations continued to get stronger and faster with each click.