Advanced Masturbation Techniques for Men

As someone who spends a fairly large percentage of his time in heated spaces with naked males, I’ve seen more than my share of guys jerking off.

And I can testify that while there are a million minor variations, 99% of the wanks I’ve seen have followed a predictable pattern: hand on hard dick, hand pumping hard dick, hard dick doing what hard dicks do after sufficient stimulation. Without a doubt, it’s a compelling pattern, and one I follow on a regular basis.

Still, I have to wonder if all these guys, following the simplest of jerkoff patterns even when they’re in all-male sex spaces with other guys watching them, know just how varied and wonderful their dicks are? Certainly they wouldn’t be where they are if they didn’t want to explore different sexual sensations — and lots of them. But it seems like most men, gay and straight, resort to the same few motions to bring themselves to orgasm, when there are many, many more things that can be done with a dick.

For that matter, why focus on the dick at all when you’re jerking off? Okay, okay, the obvious answer presents itself — but still, there are plenty of other body parts you can explore when you’re taking time for yourself.

Listed below are a few things you can try to add some variety to your masturbation sessions — in honor of National Masturbation Month, you owe it to yourself and to society.

  • Nipples
    If you enjoy intense sensations, try using clothespins, nipple clamps or other Nipple Toys while you’re masturbating. If you don’t, what’s to say you can’t put that off-hand to good use stroking and fondling your tits while you’re pumping that cock of yours?
  • Balls
    Those balls of yours, in case you haven’t noticed, can play host to a wide variety of sensations. From gently caressing the outside to firmly slapping them, to just grabbing those balls and pulling, you can do plenty of naughty things to your family jewels.

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