About Me

Hey there, I’m Shay! If you’re reading this, then you want to know a bit about me I suppose. Well, I’m a human who really enjoys pleasure. I like trying new things when I get the chance, and that includes sexual toys, different positions, etc. Then, obviously I enjoy sharing my experiences!

I have had many experiences, during my teens I was very experimental with sex, these days I am satisfied just being ‘bi’, as I enjoy it all! But the big question I get a lot, “Why write about it?” Good question.

The reason I write about my sex adventures in the form of reviews and stories is simple, it interests me, and I know it must interest others enough to make sex the #1 market in the world! Don’t get me wrong, I like writing, but if no one ever read or commented my work it probably wouldn’t be as fun, and definitely would not be as helpful, right?

I had my first sexual encounter when I was 16, cliché as it may sound, it was under bleachers at school. It was by accident; he was trying to show off and climb through the slots in the bleachers. When he pulled himself up, his shorts got snagged and came off with his junk right in front of me, when he froze out of embarrassment, I took him in my mouth and, well, that was my first encounter of the sexual kind.