20 Creative Masturbation Techniques You’ll Want to Try This Instant

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10 Female Masturbation Techniques

At ASTROGLIDE, we believe everyone who wants to orgasm should be able to — with or without a partner. While men generally take orgasms into their own hands (literally) from an early age, oftentimes women just don’t or they give up trying, because of the time and effort it takes to get them there.

This year, we’re encouraging everyone, especially women, to “Own Your O,” which begins with getting to know what your body needs so you can translate it to a partner. Because at the end of the day, how is someone else going to be able to do it if you can’t do it yourself?

For all the women out there looking to take the reins on their own pleasure, we’ve compiled 10 female masturbation techniques that will make your heart race and toes curl.

Check out our top tips for female masturbation from ASTROGLIDE’s resident sexologist, Dr. Jess:

1. Penetrate While You Masturbate

The female orgasm can be elusive — and it tends to vary dramatically from woman to woman. While most women will focus on the clitoris (in fact, our survey of 2,391 women showed the clitoris is a powerful path to orgasm for many women), penetration can be an enjoyable bonus.

Next time you’re getting intimate with your clitoris, try incorporating a toy or your fingers for an added boost of penetration. It might just be what puts you over the edge into mind-blowing orgasm territory.

This is also where some masturbation lube can help. Dab a little (or hey… why not a lot?) on your weapon of choice (fingers, toy etc.). What’s the best lube for female masturbation? The one that works for you! Try out a few of our free samples of ASTROGLIDE and pick a new fav.

2. Take It to the Tub

Or the shower! Water can be extremely sensual, and there’s nothing like a steamy room to turn up the heat. Add some scented bath oil or bubbles to the mix for extra relaxation.

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