Wanking It At The Airport

Airport wanking

In spite of the fact I just returned from a long awaited and deserved vacation with me, myself and I, that included a multitude of extreme sex and role playing with total strangers, I didn’t get my mind out of the gutter long enough to remember to take some snapshots to pass around and share with all of you, I’m sorry, and I do apologize.  However, I one of my flights was delayed and it gave me the opportunity to do some airport wanking, something I used to enjoy tremendously.

All of those who read the things I have posted will understand just how much this activity turns me on and really makes my slutty cunt wet, because of the number of times I have blog on doing this previously. Oh yeah, the thought of being in the mist of so many people and strangers at that, simply makes my body think it has the right to shake and tremble and watch the people’s faces when they realize just what it is I am doing. Yep, I gave a lot of people a glimpse of me fucking myself. I would hold my unbuttoned skirt to one side while sliding my favorite dildo in and out of my cunt very slow to start and then I’d thrust it in and out faster and faster. 

Not only do I fantasize of being fucked in the airport, I fantasize about there being 10 different men involved with it and all of them are taking turns, not just once or twice but many times each over and over and over again, they took me all night long! Many of them shoved their cocks up my little butthole and others force their cocks in my mouth and down my throat.  I must say, that over the past weekend I added many additional thoughts on wanking to my memory bank.