Fantasies concerning a flatmate

This is the 111st post to be published on my blog, and I’m a wee bit nervous about it. I knew the story these characters were trying to tell, but I had to rewrite it several times until my words captured the scene in my head. I’m still not sure I’ve quite got it right, but I do like the story I’ve created.

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Rule of three orgasms

Even having just emerged from the one-erotic-photo-every-day chaos of February PhotoFest, I have to admit that I’m still scared of Sinful Sunday prompt weeks. This one in particular, because it requires me to demonstrate some degree of photography skill. And honestly? I have no skill when it comes to photography…

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Sundays are for showers

Sundays are for sleepy spooning. Sundays are for sweet, slow screwing. Sundays are for snuggling on the sofa. Sundays are for spanking your sub when they’re sassy. Sundays are for  screwing and strategic stimulation and sucking bruises into their skin. Sundays are for showers, to wash the week away…

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At the end of the day

Today was a long day. A good one, certainly, one that has left my muscles aching in a very satisfying way, but it has been long. I got off the train into the pouring rain this evening, and by the time I got home all I wanted to do was take off my wet clothes and wrap myself in blankets.

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