A pub gang bang

Today I’m in a exhausted and happy post-Eroticon haze. Today’s Masturbation Monday post is dedicated to the fabulous people who I sat in a pub in London with after Eroticon in said exhausted-yet-happy post-Eroticon haze. There is a slight possibility that I left a tiny bit earlier than I needed to for my train because we were talking about ridiculously hot things and I started imagining them all fucking me. (Sorry, I really am the least subtle person ever.)

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My post for Masturbation Monday today is inspired by the knicker-soaking hotness of this post by the wonderful Cara Thereon – who I am also super excited to meet at Eroticon in just four days! I also seem to be discovering new backdrops for my fantasies, and while it isn’t significant here, I have already started writing a longer piece of erotica that delves deeper into this setting.

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Happy International Woman’s Day…

… now bend me over the kitchen table and beat me with your belt.

Don’t, obviously. Not without my consent. However, if we’ve discussed and negotiated you strapping me, then please – I would love some impact play today. There’s one other thing though, that if you’re going to do any sort of kink or sex with me you need to understand, is that because I’m a submissive woman doesn’t mean I’m not a feminist.

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A good old fashioned spanking

What’s enough to get a girl out of a spanking? Apparently not taking my knickers off in a restaurant, or putting a butt plug in for the first time in said restaurant’s bathroom, or being a good girl and staying quiet while he reached over to rub my clit under the table. When we got back to my flat I was told to bend over and lift my skirt up…

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A little pink butt plug

It has been a hard week in my corner of the world, and I was so grateful that my pretty boy – who wrote a guest post for me for Masturbation Monday this week – came to spend a few days with me. Orgasms and other kinky fuckery have certainly cheered me up – and given me so many opportunities to get photos that are perfect for Sinful Sunday!

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Waking up

This is how I want to wake up: with two women either side of me, talking casually about what they are going to do to me, as though I’m not even there. Far too much of today has been spent on turning this fantasy into words, and even this doesn’t quite capture everything I hoped it would.

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