“Ready for you, sir…”

“Head down, little slut. Raise your arse so I can spank it and draw those sweet little sounds from you. Yes, arch your back, just like that… good girl. Now stay there while I turn your arse red – we both know that’s what you want.”

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Airport adventures

As a number of people I met over the weekend can almost certainly attest to: I have no idea what day of the week it is. Despite this, I’ve established – though the haze of exhaustion and aching muscles that come from a non-stop weekend and from lugging around my heavy bag respectively – that it’s Sunday. Hence it is time to take a Sinful Sunday photo!

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A nip of cold

This week has blurred past, but for once Saturday finds me calm and satisfied, rather than stressed. I was really excited to get to the end of my to do list and take a photograph for Sinful Sunday. Thus, tonight I stripped and tried to be artistic. I played with shadow and light and took many photos, and honestly all the happened was that I got really cold…

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