A little revenge

This erotica is dedicated to the very cute girl who got to have lots of orgasms today while I wasn’t allowed to touch myself. I’m having a lot of fun flirting and negotiating with her and her partner, who I’m hoping I’ll get to play with later this month, and it is certainly generating lots of ideas for new smut…

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A plain white shirt

There is a little bit of a story behind the photo I’m sharing today, but explaining why it’s significant to me would reveal something of which I’m more than a little ashamed. Thus, it’s not quite connected to the erotica I have pieced it with, but I hope that it will still provide some pleasurable stimuli.

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Once in a lifetime… or maybe not?

I was honoured that my image from last week was the prompt for this week’s Masturbation Monday, and I knew exactly what I wanted to write. My lipstick has made another appearance in today’s photo, but I would like to present the fantasy that follows without comment.

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