Bunny tail butt plug

Guess who bought a new butt plug? Guess whose new butt plug is a bunny tail? Guess whose new bunny tail butt plug is super cute? Guess whose super cute new bunny tail butt plug led to happy dancing around their bedroom because they felt utterly adorable and very subby? Yes, it’s ME!

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Rule of three orgasms

Even having just emerged from the one-erotic-photo-every-day chaos of February PhotoFest, I have to admit that I’m still scared of Sinful Sunday prompt weeks. This one in particular, because it requires me to demonstrate some degree of photography skill. And honestly? I have no skill when it comes to photography…

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Tits in the snow

It’s the final day of February Photofest, and this means that somehow I’ve taken and posted twenty-eight photographs this month. At the start of the month, twenty-eight erotic-ish photos seemed an impossible challenge, but I appear to have succeeded. They’re not all great photos, but I’m proud of some of them and a little bit impressed that I managed to post something every single day.

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Scratching is not a kink I’ve explored, though it is a kink I would like to play with… I think. I’m not sure I’m doing Kink of the Week right, because I’m actually linking kink to mental health, meaning that today I’m going to talk about non-sexy sex-ness. First, however, I’d like to add a content warning for quite explicit description of mental health and self-harm.

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An abandoned bra

I definitely blushed at some of the lovely things you all said about my post yesterday, and I feel slightly embarrassed to present today’s photo directly after it. It’s a much less clever photo – and lacks a topless me, which I think somewhat raises the appeal of my shots…

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