Fucked on a pub table

Since I posted the first part of my gang bang fantasy on Monday, I’ve continued to ride the high of Eroticon happiness, suffered con drop, and begun to feel vaguely normal again, only with extra helpings of sparkly fabulousness. When I wrote the first part, I didn’t think there was going to be more, but I really enjoyed my imaginary pub fucking…

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Things that won’t happen tonight

I must be getting brave: here is another piece of erotica to go with my February Photofest shot featuring people who at potentially going to read it. And indeed whose toy drawer I borrowed the cuffs from to add to this photo – I hope they’ll forgive me for this. This isn’t the story I expected to write today, but right now – when I’m a little bit tipsy and very horny – it’s the only one I can think of…

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I’m lacking a side-sp(l)itting pun

The fact that I’m writing my fourth Kink of the Week posts suggests I’ve now been blogging for at least two months. Woohoo, go me! Tempting as it is to share some statistics, I will be a good girl and focus on the topic. It’s certainly an interesting one which deserves some attention.

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