A post-run shower

Following on from Friday’s post, I’m continuing with the theme of exercise domming… because apparently my words work as motivation for a pretty girl to be a very good girl and go running. I hope you all enjoy this too, and I think it shower bondage is something I want to try in real life as well my writing.

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“Starfucks”: a blow job in a coffee shop bathroom

I feel the need to start this post by saying no matter how hot this fantasy is for me, it is exactly that: a fantasy. In real life, I would find this kind of pick-up scene abhorrent – and that’s definitely why it turns me to explore it in the form of filthy writing.

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An airport fuck-toy

I make no secret of the fact I wank in airports. The most recent time I did so, I had an extremely hot fantasy, and I knew I wanted to write it up for my blog. It’s changed slightly though, and while writing I’ve had many tangent thoughts about consent, safe sex and aftercare as it relates to this story. I hope, despite this, that it’s still super hot…

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A medical experiment where I get fucked

This week my story for Masturbation Monday plays with a few extremely hot ideas I haven’t given enough attention to recently: namely consensual non-consent and medical-experiment scenes. Though today I think is too hot even for snuggling, so I think in reality I’d swap this fantasy for a cold shower with some cute humans…

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Fantasies concerning a flatmate

This is the 111st post to be published on my blog, and I’m a wee bit nervous about it. I knew the story these characters were trying to tell, but I had to rewrite it several times until my words captured the scene in my head. I’m still not sure I’ve quite got it right, but I do like the story I’ve created.

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A game of denial

Denial games, chastity devices, being edged and teased… has anyone noticed that I’ve very much into these things at the moment? My writing is always an expression that I’m finding extremely hot at any given time, and fantasies of being denied and used are filling my head at the moment…

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