I like the simplicity of this photo. It was a delightful surprise to find that – quite accidentally – I had pulled on a bra and panties that matched so well yesterday, and I couldn’t not snap a photo. I always feel more aware of my body and my sexuality when I’m wearing matching underwear: I want people to tell me how cute I look!

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These knickers

I’ve previously written a piece of festive themed filth about guys in knickers, but it’s something incredibly hot and is likely to come up again on occasion. Despite the lack of a willing model, I wanted to pay homage to this kink of mind during the February Photofest, so today’s photo is combined with some short erotica.

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Relaxation in turquoise

To those of you to whom I said I was too busy, too sensible, and had absolutely nowhere near a big enough backlog of erotic photos to take part in Molly’s fabulous February Photofest, I can only apologise. The lure of a challenge was too tempting, so here I am: a twenty-eight day photography challenge ahead of me. What have I done now?

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Dictating December

You know how you get certain words stuck in your head, and they proceed to crop up in all your fantasies? No? Is that just me then? Oh…

Last night I was texting a friend who I’ve previously shared fantasies with for the purposes of mutual masturbation, and I realised that the words I want to hear right now are different to what they were a week ago. The little nuances in the words that currently turn me on amused me enough that I wanted to share.

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