My secret identity as a sex-blogging superhero

It’s almost a month since Eroticon, and only now am I getting around to writing about my incredible experience there. At least, this post is about the confidence and inspiration Eroticon has given me. It’s also about myself secret superhero identity, as a sex blogger…

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Fucked on a pub table

Since I posted the first part of my gang bang fantasy on Monday, I’ve continued to ride the high of Eroticon happiness, suffered con drop, and begun to feel vaguely normal again, only with extra helpings of sparkly fabulousness. When I wrote the first part, I didn’t think there was going to be more, but I really enjoyed my imaginary pub fucking…

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Feeling alive – a poem

Today is World Poetry Day, so I’m celebrating with a poem! Until recently, I’d forgotten how much I simultaneously love writing poetry and firmly believe that I have absolutely zero skill when it comes to writing poetry. I’ve tried to capture another part of amazing happiness of my weekend at Eroticon, specifically feeling alive and free when dancing on the Saturday night.

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A pub gang bang

Today I’m in a exhausted and happy post-Eroticon haze. Today’s Masturbation Monday post is dedicated to the fabulous people who I sat in a pub in London with after Eroticon in said exhausted-yet-happy post-Eroticon haze. There is a slight possibility that I left a tiny bit earlier than I needed to for my train because we were talking about ridiculously hot things and I started imagining them all fucking me. (Sorry, I really am the least subtle person ever.)

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Eroticon excitment

As I write this, I’m sitting in London Euston, waiting for my train platform to be announced. It’s been the best weekend, and part of me cannot believe that Eroticon is over. I met so many fabulous people, I was inspired to do loads of brilliant things, and I had so. much. fun. I have a lot of emotions and ideas that I want to process, and I’m pretty sure that I will be writing more posts about my adventures soon.

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Eroticon 2018 Meet and Greet

There are only fifteen days until Eroticon, and I am super excited! If I haven’t done things like decide what pretty underwear I should wear book trains to London yet, it’s only because I cannot believe that I actually did sign up for this crazy adventure, and it hasn’t quite sunk in how close it actually is. However, seeing as it is only fifteen days away, it’s time to join in with the virtual meet and greet!

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