Things that won’t happen tonight

I must be getting brave: here is another piece of erotica to go with my February Photofest shot featuring people who at potentially going to read it. And indeed whose toy drawer I borrowed the cuffs from to add to this photo – I hope they’ll forgive me for this. This isn’t the story I expected to write today, but right now – when I’m a little bit tipsy and very horny – it’s the only one I can think of…

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Just one more glass

This particular post is inspired by one of Cara Thereon’s tweet, and DomSigns’ response to it. As always, I checked with them before getting my filthy creative juices all over their conversion, but, as always, I expect – or maybe hope – that they were a bit curious as to what filthy thoughts I’d generated from a simple typo. And, as ever, I hope I do not disappoint.

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