My post for Masturbation Monday today is inspired by the knicker-soaking hotness of this post by the wonderful Cara Thereon – who I am also super excited to meet at Eroticon in just four days! I also seem to be discovering new backdrops for my fantasies, and while it isn’t significant here, I have already started writing a longer piece of erotica that delves deeper into this setting.

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Earlier in February I shared a photo taken a few minutes before this one, before I got told to hook my arms behind my knees so he could get a clear shot of my cunt and arsehole. If it had been longer since the photo was taken, I might not remember how much I was giggling when he took it and might instead think about being spread, used, exposed…

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Dildos and glasses

Although yesterday I promised photos of my arse filled with the butt plug I wore while baking, looking at them today I decided that I’m not totally sure I’m ready to share them yet. However, I hope I can make up for this by offering a short insight into the fantasies which filled my head this morning and pulled my hand down between my legs…

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Rome is calling

As tempting as it is, I’m not joining in with Molly’s fabulous February Photofest, though I will be stalking the participant’s blogs with great enthusiasm. I do plan to spend more time writing, though, so I present you with my first of February’s filthy posts. No prizes for guessing whose tweets inspired this short piece of erotica…

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A different kind of Christmas

I’m at my parents’ house for Christmas, in a period of orgasm denial that would be a lot hotter if the chastity was being enforced by a dominant rather than a lack of privacy. There are many pieces of festive filth filling my head, each vying to be the next one I write, but this is a piece of personal reflection and private fantasy as much as it is erotica.

Before you read on, I’d like to add a content warning for discussion of depression and suicide.

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