Daddy’s little butt plug

I’ve been playing around with this idea for the last few weeks, because it’s something that I find very hot. This story does explore the dynamic between a Daddy Dom and his little girl, so please don’t read on if that’s not your thing. I still haven’t quite worked out how I feel about the word ‘Daddy’, but I’m definitely enjoying working through my thoughts…

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Bunny tail butt plug

Guess who bought a new butt plug? Guess whose new butt plug is a bunny tail? Guess whose new bunny tail butt plug is super cute? Guess whose super cute new bunny tail butt plug led to happy dancing around their bedroom because they felt utterly adorable and very subby? Yes, it’s ME!

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A little pink butt plug

It has been a hard week in my corner of the world, and I was so grateful that my pretty boy – who wrote a guest post for me for Masturbation Monday this week – came to spend a few days with me. Orgasms and other kinky fuckery have certainly cheered me up – and given me so many opportunities to get photos that are perfect for Sinful Sunday!

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The dress rehearsal

I had already planned and started writing this post when I realised it would fit rather well with the current Kink of the Week prompt. I’m very sad that I didn’t get to cook a meal while wearing a butt plug at the weekend, but that will remain on my list of sexual goals.

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