Shoulder stand in stockings

Thirty-nine days ago, published my first post on this blog. I love the motivation and inspiration to write that this gives me, and it challenges my creativity every day. I hope that in the next few months, as I continue to write and learn and experiment, my writing will improve. Today I have decided to take another bold step… and join in with Sinful Sunday.

My stockings are thick and warm and grey, and every time I pull them on I feel a sexy shiver go through me. I like the emphasis they give to my legs, which despite not being as strong as I want them to be just yet I am working hard on to increase their strength.

My stockings make me feel sexy, and thus they make me want to wank. This week’s “what fun new thing can my body do?” has been doing so upside-down…ish. I lie on my bed, shuffle as close to the wall as possible, and then roll up into a shoulder stand. I find it relaxes my body in different ways, and the position heightens the sensations in new ways. Nothing delights me more right now than finding a new way to touch myself, and this week has been all about stocking-ed shoulder-stand stimulation.

Sinful Sunday
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