Resetting My Sleep Pattern Using Orgasms

Lately I have found my sleep schedule has been thrown off due to stress over work, and the non-existent element of free time. It’s been a while since I got a decent night’s sleep, so I’ve been thinking of ways to naturally help get back on a sleep pattern. I read about tea and all that jazz, but that’s never really helped me.


That’s when it hit me, one thing that tends to make me sleepy is orgasms! Why haven’t I thought of this sooner when I am laying in bed staring at the ceiling? I’ve seen all these posts about “daily photo challenge”, so I decided to make my own little challenge, with a sexual twist. I was going to get off every night at 8pm for at least three days!

I decided not to wait around, so that night I laid down about 8, and started caressing my breasts while rubbing my underwear (I sleep in undies). Then I slid my hand under, and stuck a finger in while I rubbed my clit with my left hand. It didn’t take long to get off. Sure enough, I was able to pass out shortly after.

Since that worked out, I decided to simply keep it up. I did switch things up a bit each night, for the second night I pulled out a vibrator, and inserted a butt plug on the third night. By this time, I was noticing I would get off between 8 and 8:30, and be asleep by 9.

I wanted to keep going and do this again, and again, but I decided after the 5th night I would go without getting off at 8 and see what happened. Surprisingly, even without getting off I felt my body getting sleepy around 8:30. I did it, I reset my sleep pattern with all-natural orgasms!