Relaxation in turquoise

To those of you to whom I said I was too busy, too sensible, and had absolutely nowhere near a big enough backlog of erotic photos to take part in Molly’s fabulous February Photofest, I can only apologise. The lure of a challenge was too tempting, so here I am: a twenty-eight day photography challenge ahead of me. What have I done now?

Sometimes you have to accept that it is a bad mental health day and you need to look after yourself. Today, my self-care started with putting on pretty underwear. Then I danced around feeling cute, doing laundry and tidying my flat. Orgasms are an important part of mental health, so out came my Doxy. My matching turquoise-green sheets and knickers made me smile, and while you can’t see it in the photo, my knickers are very wet…

February Photofest