“Ready for you, sir…”

“Head down, little slut. Raise your arse so I can spank it and draw those sweet little sounds from you. Yes, arch your back, just like that… good girl. Now stay there while I turn your arse red – we both know that’s what you want.”

I think the thing I love about this photo is the imperfections. My hair is a mess, and you can see panties and pillows and plugs in the background; my labia look asymmetrical, and I didn’t take nearly as much of the spanking as I’d hoped to… but none of that changes the fact that I felt gorgeous. Somehow, all these little flaws only add to me feeling even more beautiful, especially as I can remember how good it felt in the moment.

Thank you to the cute boy with the camera. Now, come and come on my arse, please?

Kiss the lips to see who else has been sinning this week…