A spider gag… on my nipple

Today it hit me that I’ve now committed to finding twenty-seven more erotic photos – I’m very much hoping that some creativity will be accepted. Such as a spider gag pressed against my boobs, framing my left nipple. My nipple was then, naturally, sucked upon, and then photographed.

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Relaxation in turquoise

To those of you to whom I said I was too busy, too sensible, and had absolutely nowhere near a big enough backlog of erotic photos to take part in Molly’s fabulous February Photofest, I can only apologise. The lure of a challenge was too tempting, so here I am: a twenty-eight day photography challenge ahead of me. What have I done now?

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Rome is calling

As tempting as it is, I’m not joining in with Molly’s fabulous February Photofest, though I will be stalking the participant’s blogs with great enthusiasm. I do plan to spend more time writing, though, so I present you with my first of February’s filthy posts. No prizes for guessing whose tweets inspired this short piece of erotica…

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A little pink butt plug

It has been a hard week in my corner of the world, and I was so grateful that my pretty boy – who wrote a guest post for me for Masturbation Monday this week – came to spend a few days with me. Orgasms and other kinky fuckery have certainly cheered me up – and given me so many opportunities to get photos that are perfect for Sinful Sunday!

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Oh What a Beautiful Morning

This is my first ever guest post, kindly contributed by my very own pretty boy. He is a wonderful and very kinky friend, and I was so excited when he asked if he could contribute something to my blog for this week’s Masturbation Monday. He’s captured one of our favourite fantasies, and I hope you find it as hot as I do…

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