Mirrored self love

It’s Valentine’s Day, and I’m celebrating with cake and porn and my Doxy. This particular day is special to me – and not just because I can break out my bee-summoning dance. It’s also one when self-care is extremely important. Today I slept late and wore my favourite knickers and wrote Valentine’s cards to my friends – a personal ‘fuck you’ to a society that tells me I should be in a heterosexual monogamous relationship, not snuggling in bed with my girlfriends.

I love playing around with mirrors, and I’ve written before about why changing room mirrors are so fabulous. Yesterday, I managed to get some photos of myself: look, there’s two of me! Two sets of boobs! Pinching my nipples, and not wishing someone else was reaching around me to twist them sharply, is self-love.


February Photofest
My ‘girlfriends’  are my Doxy and a much loved cuddly toy. Sadly, such girlfriends do not bring you hot chocolate and cake, though they’re great at orgasms and cuddles.