I’m lacking a side-sp(l)itting pun

Hand-drawn illustration of lacy underwear with pink ribbons coming off it.

The fact that I’m writing my fourth Kink of the Week posts suggests I’ve now been blogging for at least two months. Woohoo, go me! Tempting as it is to share some statistics, I will be a good girl and focus on the topic. It’s certainly an interesting one which deserves some attention.

Until I encountered a post by Girl on the Net, I’d never thought about spit and sex. However, I read it at a time when I was being bombarded by so many new ideas and kinks and sexy possibilities that spitting didn’t get much attention. It was filed quietly away while I explored things that my body and mind leapt into with an eager yes yes yes. When the new Kink of the Week topic was revealed, I pushed aside the fantasies I more commonly reach for when I write – or indeed wank – to see if I had any thoughts about spitting.

It appears that I don’t.

Spitting has never cropped up, in my (admittedly limited) sexual adventures. (Nor have riding crops cropped up yet, sadly, but that is a much more frequently featured fantasy.) Due to this, and perhaps because I’ve never encountered in erotica or audio porn, I don’t seem to be able to properly work out how I feel about it.

Do I want someone to force my mouth open and spit in it while they’re fucking me? Hmm, I’m honestly not sure. If someone who was whispering filthy things in my ear told me that they were going to do that to me? I’m pretty sure it would elicit a sexy shiver. Even things that I’m not super into can turn me on if they’re presented as things that a dominant partner wants to do to me. Words are hot, and a partner telling me that they’re going to do something to me for their pleasure is super hot, especially if it isn’t something I haven’t considered before.

Of course, that only works if it’s a partner who I would trust to not do the thing if I told them I wasn’t ok with it.

As several of the posts that have already been written and posted for this Kink of the Week prompt point out, spitting is different to spit. Spit implies saliva-laden kisses and wet nibbles on my ear, and many other things that I’m very enthusiastic about. Spitting implies an element of degradation – possibly to a limit that I don’t want to explore, because while I’m a filthy, disgusting girl in my fantasies I want you to like that part of me, not despise me for it.

So overall? Having thought about spitting, I’ve reached the conclusion that it’s something I need to play with a little more before I decide whether it’s something I’m into or not. If you tell me to sit on it? I’ll probably slick my knickers and push them to the side, not even bothering to take them off in my eagerness to get on your cock. If you tell me to spit on it? I don’t think I’d be so keen.

But if the last year has taught me anything, it’s never say never.

4 thoughts on “I’m lacking a side-sp(l)itting pun”

  1. Love your tag about threat-promises. 😉

    And all the YES to this:

    “I’m a filthy, disgusting girl in my fantasies I want you to like that part of me, not despise me for it.”

  2. There’s very few things I say ‘never say never’ about too but I’m kind of on the fence with this one.

    I too want to be liked for being filthy but a humiliation scene doesn’t mean you’re despised.

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