How to finger yourself – from girls, to girls

Knowing how to get yourself off and how to finger yourself is one of the most important skills you can possess. Not only does it make you more in tune with your body, but it also means you’re aware of what you want from sex.

Look, we all do it, and there’s no shame in talking about it or knowing how to finger yourself. But because female masturbation is such a taboo topic, it means that not that many of us don’t.

Don’t worry though – we we’ve written the ultimate guide to female orgasms through masturbation and you’re going to thank us for it:

You need to be in the right headspace, so relax

Make sure you don’t rush. Ensure you have privacy and won’t be interrupted.

Watch porn to get yourself in the mood

There’s no stigma and no one will know apart from your search history. If boys can watch it, so can you. It’ll make you come 10 times faster though, so don’t watch it if you’re in for the long ride.

Use a vibrator and your fingers simultaneously for a mega orgasm

A useful tip when learning how to finger yourself, invest in a vibrator cos they’re fun and feel awesome whatever they’re touching. They’re best when used alongside rubbing your clit.

If you haven’t located it yet, don’t spend your whole time trying to find your G-spot

You’ll end up getting pissed off and frustrated that apparently everyone else in the world has managed to find it apart from you, and it’ll leave you jabbering away in an awkward position getting further and further away from actually coming.

Side note: it’s a fucking myth.

Don’t expect to come from just fingering yourself

It’s all about the clit, that’s where the money is. When you’ve worked out how to finger yourself, you’ll realise the clit plays a very important part.