Falling in Love A Little Everyday

I fall in love

Over the past couple of weeks I have spent much of my time being vulnerable emotionally, and a bit too honest with others. This is supposed to be good for me and at times it does leave me feeling deeply cathartic. Although, it is not the realization of the shameful fantasies that lurk in my mind in these discussions, for these usually make me feel great… but leaves me with other things to think about.


Several months back I caught a few lines of some music playing in a passing vehicle and because I could relate to my life at the time I couldn’t get it out of my head. It went something like this: “As each day goes by, I find myself again, falling in love a little.

With everyday comes someone new for me to love.”

However, this is not as bad as it sounds for it is not just anyone that I fall in love with. I am not a person that gets to know others easily, and do not count many of those as friends, but of the ones that are close to me I can tell them without hesitation that I love them. I will use the word philia from the Greek Language to describe a friendship as a being a deep seeded platonic type of love. I have always been care-free when it came to guarding my heart, not wanting to be over protective as I seen others being with their hearts. I am also to careless with my emotions and soon after meeting someone I begin talking my head off.

I have a tendency to trust people too quickly and after a short period of time I will either find that I like them a lot or none at all, thus I fall in love a little with someone every day.