E is for… experiment

For once, I was super prepared for prompt week of Sinful Sunday! And yet I’m still posting my photo much later than planned, because, as Marvin from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy would say: “Life! Don’t talk to me about life.” Even so, I’m really happy with this photo.

I’m a scientist, and I spent last weekend conducting several experiments with very satisfying results. One of these experiments involved milking my pretty boy’s cock into a conical flask, after giving him an orgasm with his favourite butt plug in. A conical flask, which is – of course – also known as an Erlenmeyer flask. The best experiments involve cute humans, squirming naked underneath me, and this one was especially good.

February Photofest

E is for experiment… and this one is for both Sinful Sunday and the February Photofest! Kiss both sets of lips to check out everyone’s fabulous photography.