Tits in the snow

It’s the final day of February Photofest, and this means that somehow I’ve taken and posted twenty-eight photographs this month. At the start of the month, twenty-eight erotic-ish photos seemed an impossible challenge, but I appear to have succeeded. They’re not all great photos, but I’m proud of some of them and a little bit impressed that I managed to post something every single day.

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Scratching is not a kink I’ve explored, though it is a kink I would like to play with… I think. I’m not sure I’m doing Kink of the Week right, because I’m actually linking kink to mental health, meaning that today I’m going to talk about non-sexy sex-ness. First, however, I’d like to add a content warning for quite explicit description of mental health and self-harm.

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A plain white shirt

There is a little bit of a story behind the photo I’m sharing today, but explaining why it’s significant to me would reveal something of which I’m more than a little ashamed. Thus, it’s not quite connected to the erotica I have pieced it with, but I hope that it will still provide some pleasurable stimuli.

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An abandoned bra

I definitely blushed at some of the lovely things you all said about my post yesterday, and I feel slightly embarrassed to present today’s photo directly after it. It’s a much less clever photo – and lacks a topless me, which I think somewhat raises the appeal of my shots…

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Under a street sign

Did you know that people are really unobservant? It’s totally possible to go out for a run and then walk home with your sports bra in your hand with no one noticing. It felt really exciting to finish my run with a quick photography session with my boobs out under the glow of streetlights, and the adrenaline definitely made me feel braver.

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