Fucked on a pub table

Since I posted the first part of my gang bang fantasy on Monday, I’ve continued to ride the high of Eroticon happiness, suffered con drop, and begun to feel vaguely normal again, only with extra helpings of sparkly fabulousness. When I wrote the first part, I didn’t think there was going to be more, but I really enjoyed my imaginary pub fucking…

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A pub gang bang

Today I’m in a exhausted and happy post-Eroticon haze. Today’s Masturbation Monday post is dedicated to the fabulous people who I sat in a pub in London with after Eroticon in said exhausted-yet-happy post-Eroticon haze. There is a slight possibility that I left a tiny bit earlier than I needed to for my train because we were talking about ridiculously hot things and I started imagining them all fucking me. (Sorry, I really am the least subtle person ever.)

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My post for Masturbation Monday today is inspired by the knicker-soaking hotness of this post by the wonderful Cara Thereon – who I am also super excited to meet at Eroticon in just four days! I also seem to be discovering new backdrops for my fantasies, and while it isn’t significant here, I have already started writing a longer piece of erotica that delves deeper into this setting.

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Squirming in the showers

Today’s erotica is also dedicated to Hannah, because she’s fabulous. I’m not sure what the setting is for this story: I think I’m imagining the type of boarding school scene that used to fill my imagination and make me squirm before I realised that what I was experiencing was arousal – though obviously all the characters are well above the age of consent.

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Two girls get finger-fucked

Today’s post is dedicated to the fabulous Amy of Coffee And Kink and wonderful Hannah of Hannah Likes Dirty Words, whose tweets gave me the idea for this. This maybe isn’t quite what they imagined, but I hope they like it nonetheless. And whether or not it matches up to their expectations, I am very much looking forward to meeting them both at Eroticon in two weeks time.

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A plain white shirt

There is a little bit of a story behind the photo I’m sharing today, but explaining why it’s significant to me would reveal something of which I’m more than a little ashamed. Thus, it’s not quite connected to the erotica I have pieced it with, but I hope that it will still provide some pleasurable stimuli.

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