A bush fu’ o’ bunnies

Happy Easter! This week’s Sinful Sunday prompt is ‘humour’, and apparently the one thing I could think of that was both funny and Easter themed is a cunt with bunnies hopping all over it? At least, I found it ridiculous, hilarious, and hella cute.

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Eroticon excitment

As I write this, I’m sitting in London Euston, waiting for my train platform to be announced. It’s been the best weekend, and part of me cannot believe that Eroticon is over. I met so many fabulous people, I was inspired to do loads of brilliant things, and I had so. much. fun. I have a lot of emotions and ideas that I want to process, and I’m pretty sure that I will be writing more posts about my adventures soon.

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Bunny tail butt plug

Guess who bought a new butt plug? Guess whose new butt plug is a bunny tail? Guess whose new bunny tail butt plug is super cute? Guess whose super cute new bunny tail butt plug led to happy dancing around their bedroom because they felt utterly adorable and very subby? Yes, it’s ME!

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Rule of three orgasms

Even having just emerged from the one-erotic-photo-every-day chaos of February PhotoFest, I have to admit that I’m still scared of Sinful Sunday prompt weeks. This one in particular, because it requires me to demonstrate some degree of photography skill. And honestly? I have no skill when it comes to photography…

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E is for… experiment

For once, I was super prepared for prompt week of Sinful Sunday! And yet I’m still posting my photo much later than planned, because, as Marvin from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy would say: “Life! Don’t talk to me about life.” Even so, I’m really happy with this photo.

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