“Ready for you, sir…”

“Head down, little slut. Raise your arse so I can spank it and draw those sweet little sounds from you. Yes, arch your back, just like that… good girl. Now stay there while I turn your arse red – we both know that’s what you want.”

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The dress rehearsal

I had already planned and started writing this post when I realised it would fit rather well with the current Kink of the Week prompt. I’m very sad that I didn’t get to cook a meal while wearing a butt plug at the weekend, but that will remain on my list of sexual goals.

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Escaping nightmares

Is this really a piece of erotica, or have I just written a personal fantasy that isn’t really sexual at all? When the person in question isn’t stealing all of the duvet, I tend to sleep better with someone in bed next to me. My dreams have definitely started getting better since I’ve been taking anti-depressants, but I still often wish that there was someone there with me when I wake up in the middle of the night.

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The start of an adventure

I wasn’t going to write anything, and then the fabulous Cara Thereon published her year in review post, Bits N Boobs. As well as an awesome title, her post includes some very sweet reflections, and inspired me to have a go at writing my own post. I don’t promise the coherence that others have shown, but I have words to say and thank yous to make.

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