Who am I?

Hey, I’m Jadis. I’m a student and a scientist, and also apparently now a sex blogger. I’m also a wee bit Scottish. Welcome to my blog!

Who am I? I’m single, kinky and a little bit twisted. At the moment I’m identifying as bisexual, but I’m still exploring my sexuality and the last few months suggests there are many more discoveries to be made. I’m a cis woman, but don’t believe in a strict gender binary and am also currently exploring my gender identity.

I’m a feminist and the fact I enjoy being spanked doesn’t mean that I don’t think women should be treated as equal human beings. I definitely have opinions, and I do my best to be sex-positive and open-minded; one of the reasons I’m writing is because I want to explore and learn. However, I know I’m not perfect, and if I mess up then please tell me so I don’t make the same mistake again.

What are my credentials to blog about sex? I have to confess that I have none. I can still remember and count the number of orgasms I’ve had in my life, and by some standards I could be classified as a “virgin”. However, I have had sex. I am deeply enthusiastic about sex. I really, really like talking and writing about sex.

Unlocking my sexuality has been a major part of the last year for me, and I’ve come across sex bloggers who write things which inspire me, empower me, and give me the confidence to seek out the sex I desire. So in October 2017 I set myself a challenge: to write and to keep writing about things which excite me.

Why Tits And Test Tubes? My blog name is inspired by my boobs, which I admit I have grown to love and be absurdly proud of, and by my insatiable curiosity, which I apply to sex with equal enthusiasm as I apply to particle physics. (Being fucked with a test tube is certainly on my sexual bucket list.)

My pen-name (Jadis, just to remind you; hello again) comes from a nickname that I hated ten years ago but nowadays makes me happy: should I not take being likened to the badass White Witch of Narnia as a compliment?

What else is vaguely interesting about me? I’m bilingual, but the second language I speak isn’t at all useful. I will almost always have a book in my bag, though occasionally it will be chosen in an attempt to impress someone I have a crush on. Nothing is sexier to me than someone who is adorably passionate about something they love.

My legs, featuring stockings!

It gives me great delight to share insights into my filthy imagination with you. I write erotica, because to me words are the most powerful source of arousal. I am a huge advocate of body positivity and am still very much exploring mine. A big part of my life right now is dealing with depression and anxiety, and thus I like talking about mental health.

As someone who loves a challenge, I’ve had fun attempting to participate in sex-blogger-y memes. I love exploring new things I might be into by writing posts for Kink of the Week, and I try to write erotica for Masturbation Monday. I may be a terrible photographer, but taking and posting photos for Sinful Sunday makes me really happy.

All the writing, artwork and photographs on this site are written, drawn, and taken by/of me.


I would like to give credit to a friend – they know who they are – for the suggestion of my blog name, and for their support on my journey into writing about sex. However, if they could stop referring to me as ‘Oi, Tits!’ I would be grateful. (I’m joking.)