A strained relationship

In case you’ve somehow reached this post without mentioning the name of my blog, I am rather proud of my boobs. They’re a part of my body that I’ve grown to love, and they’re now named in my blog’s title! However, even I am not sure about posting this photo directly after I shared my two pairs of tits yesterday. Can there be too many nipples within a 24-hour time period?

One of the first things I wanted to try, when I began dipping my toe in the pool of arousal that I came to learn was actually an ocean of kinky fuckery, was nipple clamps. Even when I was still nervous and unsure, slowly exploring my vulva, my nipples were “safe” in that I understood them. And damn, did they feel good when I played with them.

I traced slow, sensual circles; I flicked quickly; I pinched sharply – and all the while I ground a clit I couldn’t yet have placed my finger on into my heel. I loved my nipples, and I loved weaving nipple play into my fantasies. Even when I got to know my body better, touching – or better yet painfully tweaking – my nipples was a great way to turn me on.

In the first set of sex toys I bought, I chose a pair of nipple clamps. I was excited to try them out for the first time. When I held them in my hand, their weight felt heavy and intoxicating. When I tried them on, though, my fantasies didn’t come to life. You see, my nipples themselves aren’t actually that big or sticky-out-y, and I discovered that attempting to attach a clamp to one of them created a paradox. Either the clamp would slip off, or I would have to tighten it to a painful point before pleasure… and then it would squeeze itself off.

I know I need to try different clamps until I find a pair that fits me comfortably and works for my nipples. I’m sure I will find some, but for the time being the pairs I do own sit at the bottom of my toy bag, a rather sad reminder that I’ve been unable to fulfil some of my earliest fantasies.

However, kink doesn’t always have to be ultra serious. While I haven’t found a pair of clamps that will work on my nipples, a tea strainer seems to do the job…

February Photofest
UPDATE – I’ve progressed in my kinky adventures, check out my vibrating nipple clamps review.