A Fantasy Involving My Flatmate

I cannot seem to kick this fantasy I keep having over and over involving my flatmate and it has started being nerve racking to me. So, I have come to the conclusion that it might be of help to me if I write a story about my situation and at least someone might benefit from it! So here I go!

I Got the Hot’s For My Flatmate! 

As I listen for the shower door to open I sit and waited. Lucy had already been in there for 45 minutes and I knew she was taking care of those desires she’s always telling me about. What she didn’t know was that I have desires too, and my desires are to fuck her brains out and make her continue to beg for me to shove a large vibrating dildo into that little cunt of hers and she would also ask me to plug her butt with a nice large vibrating butt plug.

That was the shower door… I have hurried so I so I would be in front of her bedroom door before she did, and that is when I accidently tripped and somehow fell onto her, knocking her down. But to her surprise I came prepared and my intentions is to rape this bitch and make her beg for me to give her more and she will ask me to fuck all her holes using the largest vibrating dildos that they make. Here we both are on the floor and I grab her by the hair and shove my huge vibrating wand right up into her tiny little cunt and I have her begging me not to stop, please don’t ever stop it feel so good to hurt so bad.

Needless to say, by morning Lucy and I made plans to move to the country side where it is more secluded and we will be free to live out all out sexual desires with one another and our desires to share in doing things to others.