A relaxing bath

Hand-drawn illustration of a sink with a dripping tap.

Picture this: a bath that’s just on the slightly too hot side of perfect has been drawn, with muscle-soaking oils generously added, and the most recent episode of  The Dildorks is playing on my phone. A naked Jadis slips into the hot water…

I like wanking in the bath. I like baths in general, because although showers are wonderful for sucking off dildos, getting pissed on, or washing spunk off my boobs, even a shower I take in order to relax is never as immersive as a bath – quite literally. I also like taking photos of myself wanking in the bath to send to partners who have consented to me sending these, and here’s a little snapshot for all of you.

A photo of my bottom half in the bath, with my hand between my legs and cupping my pubes.

Kiss the lips to see who else has been sinning this week…

13 thoughts on “A relaxing bath”

  1. I think “bathsturbation” is an acceptable pun.

    It’s better if you pronounce “bath” with a hard /æ/ sound, rhyming it with “math”, like a Northerner would. That way, you start with the same vowel sound as you use in “masturbation”, so it’s a better pun.

    I’d pronounce it in RP, using the sound /ɑː/, as in “pa rk”, so were I to vocalise it, it wouldn’t work.

    Oh, also, I like the pic, etc. x

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