Bunny tail butt plug

My cute wee bum with a bunny tail butt plug!

Guess who bought a new butt plug? Guess whose new butt plug is a bunny tail? Guess whose new bunny tail butt plug is super cute? Guess whose super cute new bunny tail butt plug led to happy dancing around their bedroom because they felt utterly adorable and very subby? Yes, it’s ME!

I didn’t take this photo with the intention of sharing it with you all, but I actually think it captures my spontaneous delight quite well. Can you imagine me wiggling my bum cutely to get your attention? I’ve tried to imagine what a spanking would be like while wearing this plug, and I have I definitely want to try it feelings about the idea.

My cute wee bum with a bunny tail butt plug!

Kiss the lips to see who else has been sinning this week…


22 thoughts on “Bunny tail butt plug”

  1. For some reason when I see these tails I get incredibly horny, more so than usual. That is a very cute tail for a very cute bottom. Stop talking about wiggling your bum, that’s only making it worse, J.

  2. Please, please tell me you have matching ears!!! This is adorable and I hope you get everything you want out of the experience of being a bunny!

  3. Hard to add anything original. What they said. Your ass is quite adorable. And I could imagine being spanked with a butt plug to be quite the turn-on as the smacks turn to focused vibration inside you. An over the knee spanking might let you light up your pussy with some squirming.

    Thanks for sharing!

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