Two girls get finger-fucked

My hand is beneath my green skirt.

Today’s post is dedicated to the fabulous Amy of Coffee And Kink and wonderful Hannah of Hannah Likes Dirty Words, whose tweets gave me the idea for this. This maybe isn’t quite what they imagined, but I hope they like it nonetheless. And whether or not it matches up to their expectations, I am very much looking forward to meeting them both at Eroticon in two weeks time.

Even when he’s not looking at her, Ella feels like she’s on display. She’s wearing nothing but one of his t-shirts – thrown to her this morning to wipe his come off her tits. Lea isn’t wearing trousers either, but she was allowed to pull on pretty underwear, giving her some dignity, while the too-big t-shirt leaves Ella’s cunt exposed.

She is curled up in the big leather armchair, and as soft as the cotton of the shirt is, it’s rubbing against her nipples. All day he’s been reaching up or pulling down her t-shirt to pinch them, twisting them cruelly and grinning as she gave a squeak that was as much pain as it was pleasure. The live porn in front of her, however, distracts her completely from the rawness of her nipples.

The sight on which Ella’s eyes are fixed is indeed a captivating one. Over on the sofa, he is sitting with his legs spread wide, and Lea is kneeling between them. His hands are tangled in her hair, controlling the pace and depth. Ella has been told to stay, with her hands in her lap, like the good girl no one could mistake our little slut for really. It’s torture. She wants to be the one on her knees, her mouth full of his cock.

She’s squirming – or rather, trying not to – when he comes deep in Lea’s throat with a grunt. He knows that being told to sit still and not touch herself while she watches him fuck Lea’s mouth was a greater torment than using Ella herself as a fuck-toy. However, she hopes that he now might make use of her body, maybe strapping her with his belt until he again grows hard enough to fuck Lea’s cunt.

Sadly, he seems to have an even more callous plan in mind. When he releases his grip on Lea, she sits back, and it’s clear to him that the shift is so she can press the heel of her foot against her clit. Instead of scolding her, as Ella half expects him to, he smiles down at her.

“Such a good girl. What would you like in turn, my pretty thing?”

“Would you fuck me with your fingers, please sir?”

He nods, and Lea grins as she clambers on to the sofa. He slips down and positions himself, hooking his fingers to pull Lea’s knickers aside while kissing her inner thigh. He begins with small, quick circles around Lea’s clit. Ella’s clit throbs, wishing his fingers were on her instead.

“You’re so wet, pretty girl,” he tells her, sliding a single finger into her cunt. She makes a small whimper, but the one I make is louder and he looks around at me. “Even more so, probably, because you have an audience. Look at how eagerly she’s watching you, pretty girl. I bet there is a little lake of arousal pooling on the leather beneath her.”

He slips in another finger, and Lea throws her head back in a moan of pleasure.

“Shall we ask our little slut to join us?”

Ella tenses, silently pleading that Lea would say yes and allow her to join in with the game on the sofa.

“She’s begging you with her eyes,” he tells Lea, slowly fucking her with the two fingers. He doesn’t break eye contact with Ella though, and his smile seems mocking. He brushes Lea’s clit with his thumb and she moans again, but – thank Aphrodite, Artemis and Athena – she also gave an eager nod.

In a second, Ella was on the sofa next to Lea, and with his fingers still in Lea’s cunt he looked up at her.

“My two bad, bad girls,” he grinned. “Spread your legs for me, little slut.”

Ella did as she was told, and closed her eyes, waiting for the first time that weekend to be filled and – did she dare hope? – satisfied. She isn’t expecting the hand that comes down sharply on her cunt, making her let out a yelp and open her eyes.

“Remember, little slut, that you cannot come until Lea does. And you may not help her towards orgasm little slut, so quell that mischievous look in your eyes. However, she may play with you.”

Ella looks to her left, and Lea is grinning at her. Even with his fingers still fucking her, she leans over and begins to kiss Ella’s neck, her moans vibrating into her skin. Ella lets out a whine as he slips a finger inside her just at the moment Lea nips at her neck.

She has no idea how he manages to fuck them both so skilfully with his hands, but he does. Lea somehow finds the control to play with her nipples and tease her clit despite being so expertly fucked, and Ella – who has been teased and tormented all day – is already struggling to hold back her orgasm.

“Look Lea, at how hard our little slut is trying not to come.”

Ella knows that if she opens her eyes she will see them laughing, and so she keeps them shut and tries not to let herself become overwhelmed.

“What will you do to her if she comes before me?” Lea asks wickedly, leaning over to take one of Ella’s nipples in her mouth… and it’s too much for Ella. She cannot stop the orgasm that rips through her, leaving her a shuddering, moaning mess. She opens her eyes, looking sheepishly at him as he removes her fingers from her cunt. She knows that coming without permission is a disobedience that will not be taken lightly.

“It appears you will see, pretty one,” he tells Lea, adjusting her position so he can focus all his attention on finger-fucking her. “Sit still, little slut, and see what happens when good girls follow orders. You’re going to find out what happens to sluts when they don’t.”

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  1. My wife is not into finger fucking, dammit. Either I’m not doing it right or she had a bad experiences[s] with it in her formative years. But I digress – great story!

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