Sundays are for showers

Me, masturbating in the shower.

Sundays are for sleepy spooning. Sundays are for sweet, slow screwing. Sundays are for snuggling on the sofa. Sundays are for spanking your sub when they’re sassy. Sundays are for  screwing and strategic stimulation and sucking bruises into their skin. Sundays are for showers, to wash the week away…

They’re also for realising that somehow there are only ten days of February left, and thus I only have ten more FebPhotoFest posts to do! I have a few of my last photos planned out, and I’m excited to share them with you.

Me, masturbating in the shower.

Today’s photo is for both Sinful Sunday and the February Photofest! Kiss both sets of lips to check out everyone’s fabulous photography.

19 thoughts on “Sundays are for showers”

  1. Loving all those esses in you introduction full of lovely word play. I’m full of admiration for your photo. Not only for the beauty and utter sexiness of your body but for your skill in taking it. The only time I tried a shower shot everything got a bit steamy and I’m not referring to any sexual shenanigans, just steam! xx

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