Another airport adventure

“Bend over slut.” I obey, wetness seeping into knickers, but I peek up at him as he deftly ties my hands together. His fingers move quickly, and while I’m still swooning a little at his skill he’s moved behind me and is tugging my knickers down. Two sharp smacks land on my bottom. “Head down, slut, let me use my fuck toy.”

I’ve had a photo in mind that I’ve wanted to take for a while. Today, I met the fabulous Confess Hannah, and I asked her if she would help me capture the shot. She agreed, but when we got to the place with the graffiti I’d wanted to take a photo with, it had been painted over. However, she did give me another idea, and offered me some excellent advice as I tried to capture the photo in the airport bathroom – so this is part two of my airport adventures

Today’s photo is for both Sinful Sunday and the February Photofest! Kiss both sets of lips to check out everyone’s fabulous photography.

11 thoughts on “Another airport adventure”

  1. I LOVE your bunny knickers! Where did you get them!? So exciting when you get to meet other bloggers, especially when there’s photography involved.

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