A little pink butt plug

My marked arse with a tiny pink butt plug in it.

It has been a hard week in my corner of the world, and I was so grateful that my pretty boy – who wrote a guest post for me for Masturbation Monday this week – came to spend a few days with me. Orgasms and other kinky fuckery have certainly cheered me up – and given me so many opportunities to get photos that are perfect for Sinful Sunday!

Today may have started with me wearing my strap-on, but later the tables were turned. As I didn’t want to wear the butt plug into town for sex toy shopping, I got a lovely marker-pen brand on my arse instead, reminding me who I belong to today. Of course, the plug ended up in me later anyway, after I was beaten with his belt. Staying still for this picture wasn’t easy, but it was quite hard to complain when as soon as the photos were snapped he began to use my Doxy on my wet cunt…

My marked arse with a tiny pink butt plug in it.

I felt wonderfully full and used.

Kiss the lips to see who else has been sinning this week…

16 thoughts on “A little pink butt plug”

  1. Always excellent to see proper punctuation observed too…

    Sounds like you’ve had a very full few days, in every sense. Love the subtle traces of pink, fading reminders…

  2. Wow! Just wow!

    An amazing time was had, and that record of it, written in your blushing skin and in that photo, is perfectly amazing as well.

    And, as KW said, an absolutely exceptional ass!

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