Raindrops on roses

Upskirt shot, in which I look hella cute.

How does this lovely photo fit with this week’s Sinful Sunday prompt you ask? Well, part of my daily routine is choosing knickers that will make me feel cute… ok, maybe it doesn’t fulfil the prompt, but I think I look gorgeous and too much so not to share.

I would like to present a poem with my photo this week. Bonus points will be given to those who sing it to its well known tune as they read it.

Raindrops on roses and stockings on good girls,

Her panties on view as her skirt lifts as she twirls, 

Subby girls hoping to be tied up in string,

These are a few of my favourite things.

Thank you to the fabulous Hannah Likes Dirty Words for her help in offering erotic-photography advice, and the conversation that went with it.

Kiss the lips to see who else has been sinning this week…

19 thoughts on “Raindrops on roses”

  1. It’s a perfect take on the prompt – we all choose clothes every day! Er – almost every day. >< Great angle and super cute knickers! x

  2. My favourite thing right now is this good damn picture. This shot fires up my girl lust in a BIG way. I want to reach up your skirt and do all sorts of things to you with my fingers.


  3. There is something magical about a twirling skirt, seeing a glimpse of panties, and I must confess, I begin to stiffen as I took in this up-skirt look. I love floral clothing and the little stars on the panties are pretty sexy. I had a little trouble with your poem at first, as my immediate thought was ‘Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head’, but I figured it out.

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