The moon and stars

Happy New Year’s Eve! I’m starting the year as I intend to go on: writing my blog, taking naked photos, feeling confident and sexy. I have many other plans and goals as well, but I think these are ones I will definitely be able to follow through on.

Going back to my parents’ house for Christmas meant that I found my old denim jacket. So naturally, I tried it on while wearing nothing else. (Ok, I was wearing stockings, but my old bedroom is cold and stockings are, well, stockings.) I felt so damn sexy that I couldn’t not capture it for Sinful Sunday purposes.

I’m taking the jacket back to my flat with me, so watch out for it featuring in future Sinful Sunday posts.

Kiss the lips to see who else has been sinning this week…

21 thoughts on “The moon and stars”

  1. You know what kills me about this pic? Those hands! Both creating the body shape but also opening you up gently to the viewer below – seeming to invite them in. All sorts of unnff and nnnggg going on here…

  2. Fantastic title and beautiful photo! So important to make use of props and spaces you don’t usually have access to when you have them available! 🙂 Happy New Year. x

  3. No one else has mentioned your gorgeous legs, so I’m going to! Love the photo love the story of the denim jacket and look forward to seeing you wearing? it.
    Happy Happy!

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