A nip of cold

Some boobage (specifically mine)

This week has blurred past, but for once Saturday finds me calm and satisfied, rather than stressed. I was really excited to get to the end of my to do list and take a photograph for Sinful Sunday. Thus, tonight I stripped and tried to be artistic. I played with shadow and light and took many photos, and honestly all the happened was that I got really cold…

This should be expected, as it is December after all and scarily close to Christmas, but one thing affected by the cold was my nipples. They were hard and tingling, on this occasion because I was really bloody cold, but they also react similarly when I’m extremely aroused.

Some boobage (specifically mine)

Something I especially like about this photo is that it shows the hair under my arms, revealing how long it has been since I last shaved. It makes me happy that I still like my body when it is like this.

Sinful Sunday
Kiss the lips to see who else has been sinning this week…

14 thoughts on “A nip of cold”

  1. You might have been feeling the cold but you have taken a very hot shot of your gorgeous body. (Having taken a few shots of myself for Sinful Sunday in the past I know how difficult it can be.) CP x

  2. I didn’t see a lot of SS last week. I was in Seattle seeing a few plays and having fabulous meals. I am glad not to have missed your ‘debut’. I remember the first time I showed my cock, it takes a special courage. I like what you did with your image, and of course like the image. It is a sensual look and I want to lean in and kiss your neck. “all that happened was that I got really cold” you slay me, Jadis. Well done, see you this Sunday. I have to go do mine, now that I think of it.

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