An embarrassing fantasy

I drafted this blog post on the bus home after work, while eating cookies that may have been post-work cookies, and may have been post-wank cookies – the jury is still out. Thus, I’m prepared to be told that this entire post is utter nonsense, but who wouldn’t want to hear about an embarrassing fantasy of mine, right?

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Before a taxi-ride blow job

Today I desperately wanted someone to cup my tits and play with my nipples, because I was freezing cold and I wanted warm hands squeezing and playing with me. I’m not sure if today’s story is quite as hot or filthy as many of the other posts in my erotica tag, but for anyone who has ever fantasised about a taxi-ride blow job, you’ll love the last line…

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Why girls are lovely

Yesterday, I was given a homework assignment: to write 400 words on why girls are lovely. However, there are a lot of reasons I like girls, and I ended up sending her 402 words. I am very sorry, and would like to apologise the extremely cute, occasionally-dominant girl who set me the task for disobeying her instructions.

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