Airport adventures

As a number of people I met over the weekend can almost certainly attest to: I have no idea what day of the week it is. Despite this, I’ve established – though the haze of exhaustion and aching muscles that come from a non-stop weekend and from lugging around my heavy bag respectively – that it’s Sunday. Hence it is time to take a Sinful Sunday photo!

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I’m lacking a side-sp(l)itting pun

The fact that I’m writing my fourth Kink of the Week posts suggests I’ve now been blogging for at least two months. Woohoo, go me! Tempting as it is to share some statistics, I will be a good girl and focus on the topic. It’s certainly an interesting one which deserves some attention.

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A nip of cold

This week has blurred past, but for once Saturday finds me calm and satisfied, rather than stressed. I was really excited to get to the end of my to do list and take a photograph for Sinful Sunday. Thus, tonight I stripped and tried to be artistic. I played with shadow and light and took many photos, and honestly all the happened was that I got really cold…

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Blogger positivity: things that made me smile

Unless you’ve been living under a pile of dildos these last few weeks, you’ll probably have heard talk of the pornocalypse, or seen the hashtags #SoSS (or maybe #SSoS) floating around. Stemming from a post by Girl on the Net, ErosBlog proposed Share Our Shit Saturday to encourage sex bloggers to promote each other’s work. This week I’m joining in too, though as with every sex blogger meme, I’m not quite sure if I’m doing it right. It has been a fairly rubbish week for me, mental-health wise, so I’m sharing four things that made me smile and made my week a little bit better.

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Dictating December

You know how you get certain words stuck in your head, and they proceed to crop up in all your fantasies? No? Is that just me then? Oh…

Last night I was texting a friend who I’ve previously shared fantasies with for the purposes of mutual masturbation, and I realised that the words I want to hear right now are different to what they were a week ago. The little nuances in the words that currently turn me on amused me enough that I wanted to share.

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All wrapped up for Christmas

Inspired by the wonderful gift that is Exhibit A‘s December Dick Fest, which for those of you who haven’t come across it yet (and if you haven’t, I thoroughly advise that you do go check it out) is a “filthy phallic advent calendar”. It contains some fab photography and some high quality (in my opinion anyway) dick pics. Door number six, however, opened to reveal a photo of a guy wearing some very pretty knickers. This is a sight that I should inform you makes me make a strangled sound of oh god this is very hot. Once I could think coherently again, the idea for this story was born.

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